Online Ordering

Fully Customized for Your Business!

Our sophisticated online ordering system allows you to quickly place orders (and re-orders) for your business cards, forms and other printing needs, promotional materials, and office supplies, right from your desktop!

We make it easy: log in to your secure Printcom account, click on the product or items you need and place the order—just like that! It’s a breeze to create new orders or modify existing files. Need to update a phone number? Just type in the new information, click “update” and a new proof will appear on your screen. Once you approve the file and submit the order, we’ll immediately get it into production. You’ll also be able to track orders and generate reports to help you optimize your ordering process.


Our inventory tracking system allows you to log into your account and immediately verify quantities of any materials you have stored in our warehouse. This helps you avoid duplicate orders and track usage patterns. From your account, you can easily request delivery of your items whenever you need them.


We encourage you to check out our demo of the ordering system, and remember it can be fully customized with all of the products and supplies that your business orders on a regular basis.

» View a demo of a sample company’s online ordering page here.

We can also design and provide a “Company Store,” customized for you. Please contact us for more details or for a more advanced one-on-one demo of how we can make ordering printing (and office) supplies a breeze for your business!